Making Peace with Food

By Don Doward, C.F.T., M.F.S., M.F.D.

Seared Tuna Steak Florentine


1- 4oz Tuna Steak

¼ Cup Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing

Black and White Sesame Seeds

4oz Fresh Spinach


  1. Place Dressing into sauté pan
  2. Roll sides of tuna into sesame seeds
  3. Heat vinaigrette, place tuna into hot vinaigrette dressing
  4. Cook tuna 2-3 Mins each side. Tuna should be med.rare (red with a warm center)
  5. Place spinach into boiling water for 1 min. just to soften
  6. Drain spinach place on plate and tuna on top.

About Tuna:

Yellowfin tuna is the most tropical species of tuna, abundant in warm water throughout both the Pacific and Atlantic. If you watch them eat at night you can easily see why they are often called the Hawaiian name ahi or fire. The highest quality of yellowfin is caught by hook and line. This is our best choice.

Bluefin tuna is one of the tastiest fish you can eat however it is also one of the most overfished species. The popularity of sushi has endangered this great species. Also be sure to buy tuna caught by American fisherman because they are subject to strict environmental regulations.  

About the Author:

Don Doward, C.F.T., M.F.S., M.F.D.  is President of New England Fitness Design, a Certified Fitness Trainer, Master Trainer, Master of Fitness Design and a Lifestyle Consultant. With over 46 years as Executive Chef at some of the highest volume restaurants in the country He has had the opportunity of working with chefs from all around the world including the "French Chef" herself, Julia Child.
Along with Dr. Jack Barnathan we have been developing recipes using foods that will increase energy, improve mood, taste good and be easy to make. I have consulted with doctors of chiropractic and other doctors, nutritionists, athletes, and fitness pros around the world and have developed these recipes to help them to be successful.     


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