Build your resources as a leader in promoting fitness, health and chiropractic in your community.
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Fitness and healthy lifestyle choices can profoundly reduce health care costs while increasing safety and health. The Council on Fitness and Sports Health Science of the International Chiropractors Association is a membership organziation committed to addressing these challenges through a special array of effective resources.

The goals of the Council include the promotion of better health by researching and disseminating information on the roles of fitness as a lifestyle, safe and effective training and conditioning, and chiropractic care in the optimal health of the individual and the community.  Join us in our commitment to community health and professional leadership through your membership in the Council -- which will help support and advance its important health and safety programs and community outreach efforts! 
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As a member of the ICA Council on Fitness & Sports Health Science , you enjoy a unique opportunity to assume a leadership role in your community's health programs while, at the same time, you expand your personal and professional horizons!

Highlights of Membership Benefits in the Council Include:


- Your customized listing in the worldwide Council Membership Referral Directory

- Opportunities to participate in cutting edge research and demonstration projects in Sports and Fitness

- Priority registration and discount privileges for the renowned ICA Symposium on Natural Fitness and Sports, featuring leading figures in fitness and training, including global superstar Arnold Schwarzenegger

- Unique educational opportunities, including discounted registrations and access to informational resources

- Discounts and special access to fitness and sports science publications, apparel and equipment offers, and other resources

- Support and advice from the Council's leadership team, Director and staff

- Access to the Council's informational and educational update services

- ICA Council Membership Certificate and Council Pin
- Assistance and informational resources for organizing local community information programs in Safety, Fitness, Sports, and Chiropractic


-- And much more!


Other ways to get more information and/or to join the Council on Fitness and Sports Health Science:
You can also call us at (800) 423-4690 or e-mail us with your inquiry .