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International authority in concussion and brain trauma Frederick R. Carrick, DC PhD and NFL veteran Michael Haynes to present at ICA Sports Symposium!

Falls Church, Virginia, January 26, 2016: Frederick R. Carrick, DC, Ph.D., an internationally recognized authority on functional neurology and post-traumatic brain injury, will present on sports implications and applications in chiropractic, neuroanatomy and neurophysiology this March at the ICA Symposium on Natural Fitness and Sports.

The two-part presentation includes special case management concerns and neurophysiology perspectives for chiropractic clinical applications that both affect clinical decision-making and address strategies for injury, overtraining, and sports performance with athletes. The unique combination of research, practice, and practical applications will feature special segments on concussion recognition and response on the field with Michael Haynes, a veteran defensive lineman in the NFL and current manager of Heads First highlights, presenting Heads Up Football® tactics and insights on advancing player safety and mastering tackling and blocking techniques to play “Better. Safer.”

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International Conference on Traumatic Brain Injury and Neurodegeneration includes Top Scientists and Clinicians plus Olympic Athletes relating real patient scenarios and insights


Falls Church, Virginia, November 5, 2015: The International Symposium on Clinical Neuroscience will feature a dynamic series of world renowned faculty addressing topics central to Traumatic Brain Injury and Neurodegeneration that will include special participation by real patients relating their experiences this December 13-14, 2015 in Orlando, Florida. Top scientists and clinicians will be presenting at the podium along with leading Carrick Institute faculty, including ICA Life Member, Dr. Ted Carrick, with an exciting combination of deans and department heads from highly respected institutions including Yale Medical School, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Cambridge, London, and Emory to share current research, insights and clinical applications.

The topics discussed by this dynamic faculty includes clinical approaches to a range of clinically critical concerns: concussion, dystonia, dementia, Alzheimer’s, sports performance, neurological research, mental health stigmas, neuro-orthopedic rehab of brain injury, fall prevention in the brain injured, youth sports concussions, pediatric concussion, cerebral plasticity, clinical case reviews, gender differences in the field of depression, translational neuroscience, neurosurgical and chiropractic perspectives, alternative treatments of psychiatric disorders, head and eye movements in brain injury, and a vital update on the present understanding of neurodegeneration.

Real patient scenarios and insights into what a brain injury means from the viewpoint of the patient includes Olympic athletes providing a personal perspective of living after a traumatic brain injury. The program is approved by the ICA Council on Applied Chiropractic Sciences and the ISCN 2015 program and registration details are posted at


23rd Annual ICA Symposium Overview (PDF)