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Symposium Photo Opportunities
and Community Outreach Services



—Photo Opportunities, Media Services, and Community Outreach for the 2018 Symposium on Natural Fitness and Sport are outlined here

—Scheduling, policy and security information relating to the 2018 Symposium Program and our special VIP photography session opportunity arrangements will be provided with your registration confirmation packets.


You are welcome to take photographs with your own camera at any of the 26th Annual Symposium sessions and at the Arnold Sports Festival events. However, please note that video cameras and flash pictures will not be permitted at certain Arnold Fitness competition events, and recording of Governor Schwarzenegger's presentation at the 26th Annual Symposium is subject to the permission of his staff while on-site.  We ask that you use discretion in your personal photography and please carefully avoid disrupting speakers, disturbing the proceedings, or interfering with the professional photographers at work.


PLEASE NOTE: The unique nature of this event does not allow for any non-registered participation. All attendees to the Symposium on Natural Fitness and Sports must be pre-registered and will be furnished with a customized Name Badge and Photo Session Pass. All attendees must wear their name badge on site and have their customized photo pass to be permitted into the Symposium photo session. SECURITY RESTRICTIONS MUST BE CAREFULLY OBSERVED AND ARE CLOSELY MONITORED and 2018 Symposium on Natural Fitness and Sports Name Badges are required to be worn on-site by our attendees at ALL Symposium functions.

PHOTO SESSION DETAILS: For the customized Photo Session with Arnold Schwarzenegger, professional photographers set up a photography studio facility at the Symposium and take the individual photos of each of our participants with Gov. Schwarzenegger! Because of security concerns and scheduling arrangements with security staff, you will have specific directions on how and when to assemble for your photo session provided directly during the Symposium proceedings. The Arnold Fitness Weekend organizers and security teams have asked for our maximum cooperation in helping maintain the schedule and security agreement. Your assistance is vitally important to ensure an efficient and enjoyable process. Please be assured that while we work to help advance attendees through the photo line as quickly as possible, we will also coordinate arrangements to ensure the best quality photos possible. PLEASE ALSO NOTE THAT THE ARRANGEMENTS MADE FOR INDIVIDUAL PHOTOS DO NOT INCLUDE PERSONAL REQUESTS FOR AUTOGRAPHS OR OCCASIONS FOR PERSONAL CONVERSATIONS.


We have made special arrangements to have the Saturday Studio-style Portrait photos developed and ready for distribution that weekend at the Renaissance Columbus Downtown Hotel. The specific times and location for pickup will be announced at the Symposium once we have heard back from the photographers. Usually, the portraits are ready to be viewed, picked up and signed for at the designated location at the hotel for blocks of time Saturday evening after 6:30 PM and also Sunday morning until mid-day. The specific hours will be announced and posted at the Symposium that weekend. If you are unable to personally pick up and sign out your picture that weekend, there are shipment instruction forms provided for you to make arrangements, at your own risk and expense, for delivery.
PLEASE NOTE : If you leave your pictures behind for post-event shipment, you do so at your own risk.
A Photo Shipment Authorization form with shipping and payment information will be provided in your Symposium Course Handouts and will be available at the Symposium Reception Desk.


VIP REGISTRANTS: When you fill out and provide details on the VIP Press Release Information Form that weekend, we will customize a press release with highlighted information about you attending the Symposium. We prepare a Media Kit with copies of your personalized news release on ICA letterhead to enhance your post-event coverage, which you may combine with a print of your photo with Arnold Schwarzenegger, to expand awareness about chiropractic and your professional practice in your community through your local news services and community newsletters. This is an automatically-included service at no additional charge as part of your VIP registration, however you must fill out and provide a completed News Release Questionnaire from found in your Symposium Course Handouts provided to attendees at the Symposium for a customized news release to be prepared for you.

DELUXE REGISTRANTS : Although the Customized Press Release service is not automatically part of the Deluxe Package registration, you can still register for the service separately! There will be an order form in the pocket of the Symposium Course Handouts provided at the Symposium to complete and turn in to the ICA event staff.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us; you may also e-mail at any time.



You may use your VIP celebrity studio-style portraits taken at the Symposium in any news or non-paid advertising format.
ICA's agreement with Governor Schwarzenegger SPECIFICALLY PROHIBITS the use of these photos in
Yellow Pages advertising, paid media advertising or other paid commercial applications.


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