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As a member of the ICA Council on Fitness & Sports Health Science, you enjoy a unique opportunity to assume the leadership role in your community's health, fitness, and sports  programs while, at the same time, you expand your personal and professional horizons!

The goals of the Council include the promotion of better health by researching and disseminating information on the roles of fitness as a lifestyle, sports safety and injury prevention, safe and effective training and conditioning strategies, and chiropractic care in the optimal health of athletes of all agest and all levels of ability.  Join us in our commitment to community health and professional leadership through your membership in the Council.

$110 per year for DC membership - See Member registration form (online or pdf) for additional membership categories.

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Stretching Safely for Optimal Health

"Chiropractic Sports Health Science—Stretching Safely for Optimal Health" is a valuable chiropractic patient education resource for every patient, an informative six-page fold-out color brochure with a clearly illustrated stretching instruction chart and explanations about chiropractic care and performance enhancement. Convenient for handouts at everything from community sports events and health talks to the office—easy and effective for beginners and relevant for more experienced athletes.

Convenient for giving guidance on chiropractically-oriented exercise recommendations to your patients and as handouts at community sports events and health talks! Easy and effective for beginners and relevant for more experienced exercisers. Includes special space for contact information.

$18 per pack of 25 booklets, [Council Members $16.20 per pack]

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Perfect Posture Guide


This informative patient brochure also doubles as an attractive 11 x 17 poster when opened! "Straighten Up and Stay Healthy—a perfect posture guide for everyone" is perfect for special events like Spinal Awareness/Spinal Health Month in October, Subluxation Awareness Month in September, Perfect Posture Month in May, and ideal for any time you are conducting spinal screenings! Includes special sections on Improving Your Posture and Lifestyle Tips plus space for customizing contact information for individual chiropractic offices to give to their patients. It explains how poor posture can occur, how to do self tests, suggests sound lifestyle habits for improving posture and describes how chiropractic can help.

$9.00 per packet of 25 brochures

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  Straighten up

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Perfect Posture

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Perfect Posture is Important for Everyone

Patient education on posture as a key health priority and presenting key points about spinal health from a chiropractic perspective in a portable, attractive one-page handout with illustrations. Identifies key points for checking posture and importance of posture to health for the entire family, plus direction to consult with a doctor of chiropractic—and space for customizing the doctor's contact information.

$12.00 per packet of 50 handouts—[Applied Sciences Council Members $9.00 per packet]

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