Membership in the Council on Fitness & Sports Health Science provides vital support on many important levels. It supports the individual practitioner in promoting better health in their local communities. On an even larger scale, it provides a network resource of integral links with the public and with other committed practitioners focused on advancing awareness and acceptance of chiropractic care as a separate, distinct and unique healing art with an emphasis on fitness, sports as part of healthy lifestyle choices, and athletic performance. The Council's goals involve promoting better health by researching and informing the membership and the communities they serve about updated information on the roles of fitness, responsible living and chiropractic in maintaining optimal health.

The ICA and Council receive rapidly growing numbers of inquiries for referrals to chiropractors focusing on case management concerns with both recreational and professional athletes involving a range of clinical concerns, and the Science Council Referral Directory is an important resource for member practitioners as well as with patients, the general public, and policy-makers in health care. Postgraduate affiliations are becoming increasingly significant in today's highly competitive healthcare marketplace and Council membership can help distinguish you with consumers and other professionals alike.
Current membership in the Council on Fitness & Sports Health Science is required for listing in this Referral Directory information bank. In addition, Council members who hold advanced credentials recognized by the Council and have formally provided documentation on file with the Council are also listed with their credential designations highlighted.

The listings in this Referral Directory reflect doctors of chiropractic who are enhancing their professional growth with colleagues who share their interests and values for ongoing expansion of professional knowledge, sports science research, and clinical competency to help patients with appropriate and effective chiropractic care.





Council President:

Dr. Peter Gratale

Council Vice President:

Dr. Richard Gennaro

Council Secretary-Treasurer:

Dr. Jay Lipoff


Council Board At Large:

Dr. John Downes

Dr. Mark Fronzcak

Dr. Joseph Amunategui III


Council Consultant:

Dr. Jack Barnathan


Council Staff:


For more information and referral data, e-mail to or contact the ICA Council offices by phone: 703-528-5000 or 800-423-4690 (toll-free, US and Canada) during Eastern Time Zone office hours.